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Maggie K. Brooks enjoys reading sci-fi novels. She also reads romance, non-fiction stories, documentaries, and adventure stories from time to time. She writes reviews of the stories she has read to motivate her readers to read the same. She does this without giving out spoilers for other book worms.

Reading is a great pastime. Yes, I’ve read Dune, Fahrenheit 451, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Brave New World, and still write mind-blowing sci-fi stories.

For me, a good day begins in front of my personal computer, stringing words together to formulate an unusual and unpredictable sci-fi storyline. Sometimes, the stories flow like a stream identifying with its source. Other times, they don’t. In such a situation, taking a break from the imaginary world works the magic for me. Other times, rubbing minds with writers like me ignites my creativity, and there go the next line and the ones after; chapters finished.

That’s why this blog thrives on science fiction. I read and give out reviews mostly to science fictions scientifically plausible and detailed, and recommend as many mind-blowing current and classic science-fiction books as possible. When you read a favorite novel, you’re taken to an “altered state of consciousness.” It helps you forget about your stressors for a moment. Therefore, you get to sleep better. This means that reading can help you overcome sleep problems. Reading also engages and exercises your brain, leading to reduced cognitive decline. A study on Neurology indicates that reading exercises the brain, helping lower the cognitive decline rate in seniors.  Writing letters, reading, and stimulating brain activity lower cognitive decline by up to 15%.

Ranging from living longer to being more attractive, being a bookworm has several benefits. According to a 2016 study published in the Social Science & Medicine journal, you can improve your survival rate through book reading. The study found that readers live longer by up to 23 months longer than their non-readers. What’s more, reading for just 30 minutes can also improve your lifespan. Reading also boosts your vocabulary. A study published in the Direct Instruction journal shows that children who read independently outside school improve their vocabulary skills.

Moreover, children who begin reading at a young age develop sharper cognitive ability. They’re also able to decode better and retain new words learned. You can become more empathetic when you read fiction stories.

Holding a book strengthens your arm when you do it daily. You get to learn, entertain yourself, and exercise both your mind and arms. Most movies and major blockbusters are produced from novels. This means that you get to experience major blockbusters before they’re released. Novels allow you to read and experience great stories before they’re produced as movies. This puts you ahead of everyone else. Books also have interesting quotes suitable for almost every scenario. With perfect vocabulary, you get the right words to use in each situation. Additionally, books make perfect gifts for bookworms. You can even buy books for your kids to help them develop a love for reading from an early age. If you have friends or loved ones who enjoy reading, getting them the right gift is easy. Reading is also therapeutic and you get free advice on various issues about life.

The lives of characters and plots in story settings can inspire your life for the better. Reading is handy even when there’s no internet or power for other forms of entertainment. This means that you can still enjoy reading even in the remotest of areas. If you love camping or any other outdoor adventures, you can carry with you a few books to keep yourself busy during your free time. Book reading improves your vocabulary and sentence structure, making you a better writer. 

If you’re into freelance writing, for instance, reading is a better way to improve your writing. Whether you’re attending business meetings, meeting new clients, or simply going for a date, book reading gives tips for conversation starters. You’ll always have ideas on how to begin conversations of all types despite the prevailing situation. Your collection of books can be displayed in your living room or bedroom for improved décor.

After reading several books, you can endorse your life with endless drama and excitement. This makes life fun and interesting. The connectivity of your brain improves through reading. You become smarter and more knowledgeable in various matters and subjects. Books allow you to travel across the world both in the past and present. You can experience history in just a few hours or days, including relationships among people in the past.

At Maggie KB, you get to read reviews of all kinds of books that I’ve read. With the reviews, you can easily choose the books to buy or read next.


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